Aims and Ideals

- Offer the universal teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda, as they apply to yoga. The ultimate goal is "Ananda": inner bliss.

- Provide a high standard and professional Yoga Teachers Training, creating  excellent teachers who hep to spread light in our society.

- Spread knowledge of how yoga helps to achieve radiant health.

- Explore the almost infinite potential of the mind and applying it to the postures.

- Elevate the Soul, making concrete steps toward Self-realization.

- Help to unite modern science and ancient spirituality.

- Take practitioners on the universal path of inner elevation: IN and UP.

- Enjoy the freedom from all dogmatism.

- Find happiness in the happiness of others. Students are more important than the school.

- Create a magnetism as yogic family, of expansive joy, love, harmony, inspiration and personal freedom, all lived with authenticity and spontaneity.
To seriously live "yoga": union with the Cosmic Consciousness.



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