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We welcome you to the Ananda Yoga Academy, where joy, spiritual friendship,

and dedication to the practice and teaching of yoga reign.

We invite you to join our Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program

At the moment, due to shortage of translators, we are not able to offer the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training in English.

A 1-month intensive training is available at Ananda Village, California, USA:
Web: (search for Ananda Yoga Teacher Training).

Welcome to our TRAINING!

The European School of Ananda Yoga offers two possibilities for training in Hatha Yoga classic:

- One for experienced practitioners who want to take a path of personal and professional growth and become TEACHERS,
- One for practitioners or for those wishing to broaden or deepen the study and knowledge of Hatha Yoga (philosophy, anatomy, pranayama, bandha, routines, and much more).

Ananda Yoga offers Hatha Yoga teacher training in the tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyanandaso our Hatha Yoga is characterized by being highly contextualized within the Raja Yoga, as taught by Patanjali.

The Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program follows the international standard: Level 1 (320 hours of training) and Level 2 (for a total of 600 hours of training). The program is flexible and individual (read below), but level 1 usually takes two years and level 2 another two years to complete.

The European School of Ananda Yoga, which offers this Yoga Teacher Training course is the internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance, for both 200 hours and 500 hours levels. In Italy, it is registered in the Registro Nazionale delle A.S.D. al n.154667,  which is kept by the national entity CONI. When you complete the training (and pass the examination), you will receive a diploma certifying you as an “Ananda Yoga Instructor” (after Level 1) or as “Ananda Yoga Teacher” (after Level 2.

You will receive a professional, complete, and inspiring Hatha Yoga teacher training. The deepest purpose of yoga is to transform man's physical, mental, and spiritual level – levels which can't be separated from each other. You will learn how to teach yoga to obtain the highest well-being in your future students, and to bring them to deeper states of awareness.

You will be guided by Jayadev Jaerschky, and other teachers.



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