Deepening Yoga

The more or less experienced practitioners of Hatha Yoga of any tradition or style,
found today at the European School of Ananda Yoga a valid offer in-depth courses.

The program consists of weekly modules and weekends, with courses that in addition to the practice, examines some techniques like pranayama and bandha, provide focus on health or on the chakras or a full immersion in Hatha Yoga Ananda.

Between the most complete weekly modules are surely the BASIC weeks 1 and 2 and ASANA 1 and 2, all four modules of a whole week can be attended consecutively or separately.

BASIC 1 and 2 offer a wide and deep analysis of the philosophy behind the physical  practice and human anatomy applied to Yoga.
The purpose is to make the practitioner aware of the potentialities of Hatha Yoga from a spiritual, mental and physical point of view.
During the lessons of anantomy, we study topics as biomechanics of breath and useful postural  applications or techniques that can also be used in sports.

Other topics are the chakras, pranayama, chanting the mantra techniques for discovering the effects of their resonance at all levels of awareness, connections and mutual influences between the body and the mind and all the secrets of life energy (prana) . They offer hints of Vedic astrology, spirituality and quantum physics, ayurveda and nutrition.

Upon completion of training the practitioner is able to structure a routine of personal practice of yoga by heating to pranayama, asanas and relaxation in a conscious and focused way.

BASIC 1 and 2 turn out to be an experience of growth and development of individual attitudes.
It is also a good way to approach the most advanced level of yoga, and meditation,  reaching internalization and peace with a ready and receptive body and a mind.

ASANA 1 and 2 are two weeks of in-depth technical and experiential on asanas (yoga positions).

Each position is studied in all its aspects:

alignment, pushing, anatomy, precautions, variations for all levels and diseases,

but most of all we study the benefits from the physical, mental and subtle perspective .

It also offered a good deal of practice and physical training to enable the student to improve its flexibility and body awareness.

In these modules we also find insights on philosophy, new ideas on routine and beautiful guided practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation.



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