… to the world of the Ananda Life Therapy School for Self-Healing, which together with the School of Ananda Yoga and the School of Ananda Raja Yoga, constitute the Yogananda Academy of Europe.

The Life Therapy School of Self-Healing is dedicated to:

  • Enabling you to improve your own health, through the practice of self-healing techniques;
  • Enabling you to help others learn these same techniques.

The concept of the “self-healing” can be understood in many ways.

  • The practices are something we learn and apply ourselves, for our own improvement.
  • While these practices require knowledge and application, they do not require the intervention of a third party.
  • “Self-healing” does not exclude or substitute the necessity to seek professional intervention. When such assistance is required, the self-healing practices are supportive.


What is Life Therapy? Ancient knowledge applied to modern life

The ancient sages tell us that we possess both the wisdom and the capacity to main our bodies and minds in a state of perfect health, as well as the ability to heal ourselves when needed. Known to ancient cultures, these principles and practices are being rediscovered in both the spiritual and scientific fields.

The renowned Indian spiritual master, Paramhansa Yogananda, brought this knowledge to the attention of the Western world through his Autobiography of a Yogi and through his extensive classes and writings on the practices of self-healing. As Albert Einstein brought a revolution in the way we think about the material universe, so Yogananda revolutionized our understanding of the human condition and its potential for Self-realization, including the ability to live in peace, health and harmony with ourselves, with each other and with the environment.

Based on his advanced teachings regarding the use of Pranavital Life Force - Life Therapy is a powerful, immediate and effective method for achieving a state of inner balance and Self-realization. He defines it in this way:

"The method which can directly and quickly rouse the Life Energy to effect healing I term ‘Life Therapy,' or direct healing by the rays of inner Life Force."  --Paramhansa Yogananda

What does the School of Life Therapy offer?

The Life Therapy School of Self-Healing offers a series of courses, workshops, study materials and individual counselling sessions. Everyone is invited to participate in the programs: There are no prerequisites, except your sincere desire to have a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

A healing environment

The atmosphere in which these programs are offered is in itself healing. Ananda Europa is located in the Umbrian hills of central Italy, 16 kilometers outside of Assisi, in a quiet, rural setting with fresh air, good water, excellent food and expansive vistas.


The curriculum includes three levels of study:

-         Level 1: Foundation Courses

-         Level 2: Advanced courses and personal practices

-         Level 3: Ananda Life Therapy Teacher Training

Click here for more information about the courses.

Most of the courses are “intensives,” which include morning and afternoon spiritual practices; and morning and afternoon classes and workshops.

To see the Calendar of Courses, click here.


Our typical daily program during the five-day intensive courses:

7.00-8.45       Energy recharging exercises and meditation
8.45                Breakfast in silence

9.30                Healthy walk in nature, weather permitting
10.30-13.30 Lesson
13.30              Lunch

14.40-16.00  Workshop
16.15              Ananda Yoga for self-healing
17.45-19.30 Energy recharging exercises and meditation
19.30              Dinner in silence
20.30-21.30 Evening program (optional)


A typical two-day weekend schedule:



20.30              Orientation



7.00-8.45       Energy recharging, meditation and self-healing practices.

8.45                Breakfast in silence

9.30                Healthy walk in nature, weather permitting

10.30-13.30 Lesson
13.30              Lunch

15.00-17.00  Workshop
17.45-19.30 Energy recharging, meditation and self-healing practices
19.30              Dinner in silence
20.30-21.30 Evening program


7.00-8.45       Energy recharging, meditation and self-healing practices
.45                  Breakfast in silence
10.00-11.30 Lesson

11.45              Festival of Light
13.30              Lunch


Study Materials

Study materials are included in the price of the course, and include written study materials, books and or DVD/CD. The study manual which accompanies some of the courses will be sent to you by email when you make your reservation; please print it and bring it with you. You will receive a large binder in which you can keep all of the course materials. During each course additional materials may be given.



The Life Therapy team includes teachers who have been following the teachings of Yogananda for decades and who have personal experience with his self-healing techniques. Click here to learn more about them.


Your Life Therapy Counsellor

A major added value to participating in the School is that you will be supported by an expert Life Therapy Counselor (one of the teachers) who will help and guide you during the course of your studies, in person during the courses, and with online support available as needed.



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