Prices and Registration

Academy registration fee

There is a one-time registration fee of € 200,00 (non-reimbursable)  for the Yogananda Academy, which enables you to participate in any or all of the three schools: Ananda Yoga School, Ananda Raja Yoga School e Ananda Life Therapy School



Daily fee for food and lodging

Choose the arrangement which suits your needs, from a dormitory space with shared bath, to single rooms with private bath. All meals are vegetarian, with vegan options.

For details, click here, or contact our Reception office:


For those lodging outside of Ananda facilities

Please contact the Reception for information regarding the cost of meals.


Course Prices

Level 1

Each of the three Level 1 five-day intensive courses costs € 200,00, which you can pay at the Reception during your stay.

The total cost for Level 1 courses thus is € 600,00.


Level 2

Of the Required Courses at Level 2, three of them are five-day intensives, each with a course fee of € 200,00; and two weekend intensives, each with a course fee of €80.

Thus the total cost for the Required Courses is € 760,00. (€600 + €160)

An additional 50 hours of Elective Courses are required to complete Level 2, some of them being five-day courses and others being weekends.

Thus the total cost for the 200 hours of courses is approximately 1.100,00, depending on the Elective Courses you choose.


Level 3

Three of the Level 3 courses are six-day intensives, each with a course fee of €275. The Meditation Intensive is a five-day course, with a fee of € 110,00.

Thus the total cost for Level 3 courses is € 935,00.


Oral Exams

The Oral Exam weekends at the end of Levels 2 and 3 have a course fee of € 44,00 each.


  • Total cost for Levels 1, 2 and 3 is approximately € 3.125,00


Attention: If you wish to repeat a course that you have already attended, the program fee is the “standard” fee, and not the “intensive” price. Please contact the Reception for details about the availability of courses you wish to repeat.

In accordance with Italian laws and regulations, everyone who attends activities at Ananda must acquire a “membership card.” It costs € 18,00 and is valid for one year from the date of emission.

Ways to Pay

  • At the Reception. You can pay your Academy Registration Fee and your Course Fees during you stay, at the Reception Office, in cash, with credit card or by check.
  • Bank Transfer: You can also pay in advance through your bank, with a transfer draft to our bank. Here are the details:
    name: Ananda Associazione, Via Montecchio 61, 06025 Nocera Umbra (PG), Italia:
    : Unicredit Gualdo Tadino
    IBAN :    IT14U0200838473000102090324

    ABI: 02008
    CAB: 38473

    Purpose:  Write either Academy Registration Fee, or Course Fee, and include your name and the name and dates of the program you will attend.

  • Credit Card: If you wish to pay by credit card, please call us and ask for Marianna, or write to her directly at The following information is required for credit card transactions: name, family name, date when your card expires, card number, and a short letter of authorization by mail or fax. (075/ 90.33.103)


Please remember to specify the purpose of the transaction.




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