Dear Yogis!


We welcome you to the Yogananda Academy of Europe’s School of Raja Yoga School of Meditation. All truth-seekers who wish to deepen their own practice of meditation, through the techniques of Self-realization, are welcome. Whether you hope to teach these techniques in the future, or seek mainly to improve your own practice, your participation in these programs will give you enormous inspiration.


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


The School follows the classic Raja Yoga path described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, brought to the Western world by the great yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. Based on the ancient and universal teachings of Sanatan Dharma (the way of eternal righteousness), Raja Yoga is known as the “royal path” to God-realization. It includes the four classic paths: Bhakti Yoga (the path of devotion); Karma Yoga (the path of right action); Gyana Yoga (the path of discernment); and the path which unites them all with the practice of meditation: Raja Yoga.


Emphasis on practice


To become an effective meditation teacher requires that one have a deep, personal practice. To this end, a large part of each of the seven courses is devoted to meditation practice.


Environment and Accommodations

The courses are held at Ananda’s retreat center near Assisi, in an atmosphere of natural beauty, peace and spiritual fellowship, and are attended by people from around the world. The classes are offered in Italian, sometimes in English, with translation into various languages. The study materials are available in Italian and English, some of them are available in Russian and Spanish, and other languages will become available.


A variety of accommodations are available within the retreat campus, including single, double, and multiple-occupancy rooms. The food is healthy and tasty international vegetarian cuisine, with vegan options. Some of the ingredients are grown in our organic gardens. Click here to see the accommodation fees.



The curriculum and diplomas are offered on two levels:

    Level 1: Ananda Meditation Instructor (500 hours)

-     Level 2: Ananda Meditation Teacher (500 hours)

Click on each Level to see complete information about the courses and other requirements.


All of the courses are “intensives,” and include required morning and evening spiritual practices, morning and afternoon workshops, and extensive reading assignments.

Your daily schedule


6.30-8.30        Energy recharging exercises and meditation

8.45                 Breakfast (in silence)

10.15               KarmaYoga

10.30-13.30    Lesson

13.30               Lunch

15.00-16.45    Lesson 
17.45-19.30    Energy recharging exercises and meditation

19.30               Dinner (in silence)

20.30-21.30    Evening program(optional)

Course Materials

Each course is accompanied by a study Manual and at least one book and/or DVD/CD. You will receive the Manual by email when you register for each course, and you are requested to read as much of the material as you can before coming, and to print it and bring it with you. You will receive a large binder in which you can keep all of the course materials, and the additional materials when you the course begins. During each course additional materials may be given.



The Raja Yoga team includes the Academy’s co-founder, Nayaswami Shivani, and other teachers who have been practicing the teachings of Yogananda for decades. Click here to learn more about them.


Exams and Thesis

Each of the courses, with the exception of the Meditation Intensive, has an exam to be completed at home. A 2500-word thesis is required, after engaging in certain practices at home; and a final oral exam concludes the main diploma requirements.



Upon completion of all requirements, you will a diploma from the Yogananda Academy of Europe, honored in all Ananda centers and communities in the world.  International recognition for the Academy is being pursued.



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