Shivani Lucki, founder of the Ananda Raja Yoga School of Europe and Life Therapy School, is one of the founding members of Ananda Village in California, where she lived from 1969 until 1985 when she and her husband Arjuna moved to Italy to help create Ananda Europe.

Shivani studied with Swami Kriyananda and attained a diploma as an Ananda Yoga and meditation teacher in 1973. She became an Ananda Minister in 1982 and a Yogacharya in 1993. In 2005 she was authorized to give initiation into Kriya Yoga (Kriyacharya).

In 1979 Shivani started the yoga programs at The Expanding Light in California and coordinated Ananda teachers and ministers in the United States. At Ananda Assisi Shivani creates the guest courses and training programs for meditation teachers in all of Europe. She often travels, giving lectures and seminars on Self-realization and Kriya Yoga.

She is Executive Producer of the film, Finding Happiness, released in the United States, Europe and India in 2014.

Gitanjali (Deborah) Gregorelli grew up in Colorado, U.S., where she got a degree in Psychology. She moved to California in 1980 and lived in the Ananda ashram in San Francisco. In 1982, she has received a certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner. She moved to Ananda Village that year and became involved in the music activities there, eventually directing the choir. In 1989, she arrived in Ananda Assisi whe she directed the choir. From 2005 to 2010 she lived in the ashram of Ananda Gourgaon, in India, with her husband Yogindra. She has been teaching in Ananda for more than 20 years a wide variety of courses, but her main focus are the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda on healing and self-healing. Gitanjali is one of teachers at the Ananda Life-Therapy Academy, specialized on the chakras and how to use them to heal ourselves and grow spiritually. She also teaches classes at the Academy of Ananda Raja Yoga.
With her husband Yogindra, she organizes conferences and workshops in Italy on self-healing based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Also, being both ministers, they lead some of the Sunday Festival of Lights in Ananda.

Sahaja (Mascia Ellero) has been living at Ananda for over 20 years. She is an Ananda minister and a certified Raja Yoga and Ananda Yoga teacher. She regularly gives seminars and conferences in Italy and abroad on Yogananda’s teachings, especially those related to spiritual psychology.

After devoting herself for many years to translating Yogandanda’s and Swami Kriyananda’s books, she was encouraged by Swami Kriyananda to also serve as spiritual counsellor for guests and community residents.

She is part of the team of teachers, counsellors and therapists of the Life Therapy School and of the Ananda Life-Therapy Center; and is specialized in Yogananda’s techniques for identifying and transforming limiting thought-forms and habits.

Sahaja loves to share with others the teachings and experiences that have transformed her life; she is appreciated for her enthusiasm, her intuitive understanding of people, and her ability to help others find practical solutions.

Born in Spain, Ahimsa has lived in the Ananda Assisi community for several years, and is very committed to living and practicing the spiritual teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, whom she came to know in 1999. She has a deep interest in finding truth and transforming her life, to achieve more balance, peace, harmony, health and happiness. She is trained as a teacher of meditation, the Energization Exercises of Yogananda, and Ananda Yoga, and also as a Practitioner of Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences. Her profound insight and special sensitivity aid her in helping others as a teacher and counselor. She continues to study and deepen her understanding the yogic science of nutrition and natural remedies. In 2016 she began teaching in the Ananda School of Life Therapy. It is her joy to help people find balance, harmony and happiness in their lives.

Clarita Poselli was born in Buenos Aires, grew up in Rome and has lived at Ananda since 1996. Besides teaching meditation and practical spirituality applied to various aspects of daily life, she is focusing on all aspects of self-healing with Yogananda techniques, including Kriya Yoga, and through the psychological and spiritual analysis of the chakras.
She manages the publishing of the teaching material of Ananda Edizioni Sangha (a branch of Ananda Edizioni) and she has written and illustrated the book Fiabe della Gioia, inspired by the principles of Living Wisdom School.

Nayaswami Uma Macfarlane, is a Kriyacharya, Counselor and Raja Yoga Teacher who is one of the founding members of Ananda Village. An astute counselor and teacher, Uma offers a number of classes on Raja Yoga at the Expanding Light.
A student and teacher of yogic philosophy and spiritual science for 40 years, Uma has taught at Ananda communities in the United States, as well in India and many parts of Europe. A native of the England, she brings wonderful wit and charming warmth to her classes as well as obvious depth of experience. She is currently serving in our Assisi, Italy retreat.

Kirtani Stickney has been a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and on the path of Self-realization since 1974. She came to Ananda Village in 1975, where she later served as co-director. In 1980 she was appointed an Ananda  Minister by Swami Kriyananda and co-directed the first Ananda teaching center in Italy in Rome. Since 1985 she has been serving Ananda in Europe, where she became the first Kriyacharya in Europe in 1993, and in the same year became Spiritual Director of Ananda Europa, Yogananda's work through Ananda in Europe.

Anand Stickney lived many years at Ananda Village, after having become a disciple of Yogananda and a devotee on the path of Self-realization in 1973. His experience, born from deep meditation, is much appreciated by the Raja Yoga students. In 2005 Swami Kriyananda authorized him to give initiation into Kriya Yoga. Anand and his wife Kirtani are spiritual directors of the Ananda community in Assisi, Italy.  He also travels throughout Europe, giving lectures and seminars on Self-realization and Kriya Yoga.

Gurupriya (Monika Laaber), a yoga teacher for sixteen years, has always been interested in the curative aspects of yoga.  She received her first training as Yogateacher at the Mahindra Institut respectively European Academy for Ayurveda.  She has also received her teaching diploma from the Ananda Yoga Academy and is qualified in both Hatha and Raja Yoga. A resident of Ananda Assisi since 2000, Monika is one of the main yoga and meditation teachers.

Sabine has been connected with Ananda as a devotee of Yogananda since 1998 and has been living at Ananda Assisi since 2013 as a member of the Ananda Community.

In 2001 she completed the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training at the “Expanding Light Ananda Yoga School” in California.

2017 she completed the Raja Yoga Teacher Training as certified Ananda Raja Yoga instructor at the Ananda Raja Yoga Academy of Europe.

She participated in the the Sharing- Nature courses with Joseph Bharat Cornell ( Methods of Sharing Nature/ Experiencing Nature and Meditation).

She worked for many years as a professional nurse in clinics for Psychosomatic Medicine and Rehabilitation.

It has always been her passion to live a a life of learning and sharing together on our way of heart and Soul.

Mukunda (Juergen Kraemer), grew up in northern Germany. He followed Far Eastern Studies at the University of West Berlin, and for a few years was a tour guide in several countries. He got a diploma in naturopathic therapies in 1981. He lived many years abroad: USA, Australia, Japan until he moved to Ananda in Italy, where he has been for more tha 20 yeras. He is a disciple of Yogananda and a kriyaban since 1989. He now offers a wide range of courses, always based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda, with the aim to bring fun, joy, and persistent happiness in everyone's life.



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