Your Teachers

The main teachers have been certified by the Ananda Yoga School in California and have taken additional courses from the school’s founder, Gyandev McCord.

Jaerschky Jayadev, born in Germany, started practicing yoga and meditation from age 15. After having worked as a social worker, he went to India in 1987 and remained there for several months. Soon he decided to devote his life fully to the spiritual search. In 1989 he went to live in the Ananda Assisi community in Italy, where he now is one of the leading yoga, meditation and philosophy teachers. Jayadev regularly holds seminars and courses throughout Italy and abroad and has published five books on yoga. In 2000 he received his certification diploma at the Ananda Yoga School in California and now is the director of the Ananda Yoga Teachers Training Program. Every year he leads a pilgrimages to the sacred Himalayas.

Devika Alessia Camedda was born in Sardinia. During University (she graduated in Law) she was trained as an instructor of various disciplines in the field of fitness (personal training and functional training, pilates, spinning, walking, nutritional education, trx, circuit training) and worked at one of the greatest sports centers in Sardinia, where she was responsible for the courses. At the same time she worked for the association ARCI in the field of socio-cultural design. At the age of 20 she opened up to a more holistic approach, practicing Zen meditation and was later certified as as a teacher in Ashtanga Vyniasa Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Lysebeth Van school. She became president of ARCI in South Sardinia and received a Master's degree in non-violent conflict mediation, which lead her to work in Lebanon, as part of development cooperation. However, she decided to abandon all other activities, to devote herself to opening an Yoga Ananda Yoga Center in Quartucciu (Cagliari), after having completed her training as an Ananda Yoga teacher, which has transformed her life.

Sudarshana Bottigelli started practicing yoga at the age of 23. She lives at the Ananda Assisi center as a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and has been teaching Ananda Yoga and meditation regularly since 2005, alternating between the Ananda center and Busto Arsizio. She is an esthetician, specializing in wellness therapies such as shiatsu massage, lymphatic drainage, Ayurveda, and flower essences. Sudrashana also teaches well-being through diet.

Ruozi Shanti has practiced yoga since 1996, beginning with the method of BKS Iyengar. Later she attended the Higher Teachers' Training Institute (ISFIY) and has  various seminars to learn specific relaxation and massage techniques. She has dedicated her life to the spiritual search and the study of psychological mechanisms, participating in various healing energy and meditation seminars  with Umberto Zizzola (student of Ron Young and Daskalos). She also embarked on the path of natural cooking, practicing macrobiotics for years, and was trained in the Bach flowers (Riza Institute of Milan). She studied the practical lymph drainage massage with the Vodder method, graduating from the school of Dr. Virginia Cool, his direct student. The discovery of the teachings of Ananda Yoga led her to pursue a path of love and enthusiasm for Yogananda, now teaching yoga according to his principles and methods. Shanti leads an Ananda Yoga Ananda Yoga Center in Cattolica.

Arathi Gianno from Rome has spent 20 years as a Shiatsu therapist, before embarking on the path of Anada Yoga. From the age of 20 she has practiced yoga, following various disciplines. In 2007 she found her path at Ananda. She then began her training as an Ananda Yoga teacher, as well as her training to become a teacher in the educational system "Educating for Life." She has taught Ananda Yoga in several elementary schools of Rome and teaches at the Montessori School for children aged 3 to 5 years. She also attended a training in pregnancy yoga. Arathi leads two Ananda Yoga groups for pregnant mothers. She feels that it is her dharma to take care of women, conveying relaxation and well-being.



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